MiNE™ Platform

Quorum has unique proprietary expertise in the field of the human microbiome, most notably through the development of the technology platform MiNE™ (Microbiome isolates and Novel Extracts). This novel and efficient platform technology is foundational for the company’s drug discovery efforts. MiNE™ technology allows the discovery effort to focus on high therapeutic yield, target- organ-relevant, safe and scalable therapeutics from the immediate outset. The company’s scientific team leverages the MiNE™ platform to create and advance first-in-class, human microbiome-derived compounds for the treatment of diseases with unmet needs in underserved medical markets, including chronic skin inflammation, chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory and digestive tracts, and skin cancer.

Probiomic™ therapeutics shift states of dysbiosis to states of eubiosis, thereby promoting normal functioning of the target organ. They do this by shifting the balance where there is an over-abundance of disease causing microbes such as MRSA, Staph and Pseudomonas relative to the commensal population. Probiomic™ therapeutics also increase the population of commensal microbes at the target organ to help re-establish normal target organ function.