About Us

To date, research on the human microbiome has produced few therapies. With large investments recently made in this space by pharmaceutical companies, it is merely a matter of time before practical microbiome therapeutics come to market, likely in a few years. Founded in 2010, Quorum Innovations, LLC is a specialty biopharmaceutical company developing and delivering innovative biotherapeutics to physicians and their patients. The human microbiome has the potential to transform our understanding of healthcare, and Quorum Innovations is poised to become a leader in this emerging field.

Quorum is discovering that the human microbiome is as fundamental to our health as any other organ. Quorum’s proprietary drug discovery platform, MINE (Microbiome Isolates and Novel Extracts) identifies biotherapeutic candidates. These drug candidates (Quorum Probiomics™) are human microbiome immunomodulators, which stimulate the innate immune response. For instance, via Quorum Probiomics™ stimulation of human beta defensins and other antimicrobial peptides, critical organ barrier function and normal microbiome ecology are restored. Quorum has lead drug candidates for applications in areas such as chronic inflammatory skin diseases (atopic dermatitis, acne, rosacea, and chronic wounds), chronic inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases such as eosinophilic esophagitis and systemic metabolic disorders. Oncology applications are also under active development.

Quorum welcomes strategic partners to advance the discovery and development of its novel human microbiome biotherapeutics for both common diseases and diseases with significant unmet medical needs. Quorum is an ideal strategic partner for industry collaborators exploring innovative approaches for diseases in these areas.